Available in Select Markets

Sedona Stone®

With a natural appearance and earthy color blends, Keystone’s Sedona Stone will blend with any landscape. Lightweight and easy to handle, Sedona Stone is perfect for your do-it-yourself project. Known as Lodgestone in certain markets, Sedona Stone is an easy solution for your next retaining wall project.


Unit Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
3" 8" 5¼" 8 lbs
76mm 203mm 133mm 4 kg

Unit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.


Quick Project Estimator

Enter Wall Length and Wall Height (max height: 1ft)


Use this chart to estimate the number of Sedona Stone® units you will need.

WALL LENGTH (measured at wall face including curves)
WALL HEIGHT*5' (1.5m)10' (3.0m)15' (4.6m)20' (6.1m)25' (7.6m)30' (9.1m)
1 course81523303845
2 courses163046607690
3 courses24456990114135
4 courses326092120152180
Maximum wall height not to exceed 12" (305mm). This chart is based on site conditions which include a leve grade, granular soil and no surcharge.