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Alameda® Wall

 Keystone’s Alameda wall masterfully combines the beauty of naturally weathered river stone with durability and design flexibility. Ideal for walls up to 2-feet high, tiered walls, planters and fire pits; Alameda wall utilizes Keystone’s alignment pins, simplifying installation and increasing the durability of your project.  

Enhance your outdoor space with the complementing Alameda edger and Alameda patio stone units.
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Unit Specifications*

Height Width Depth Weight
4 12 7 16
102mm 305mm 178mm 7 kg

Unit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.


AlamedaWall_4units.png   *One unit size - four unique faces.

Cap Unit

Height Width Depth Weight
2" 12" 8" 14 lbs

Unit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.

Units/Linear Foot

Pin_alignment.png Don't forget the pins!


Use this chart to estimate the number of Alameda® Wall units you will need.

WALL LENGTH (measured at wall face including curves)
WALL HEIGHT*4' (1.2m)8' (2.4m)12' (3.7m)16' (4.9m)20' (6.1m)24' (7.3m)
1 course4812162024
2 courses81624324048
3 courses122436486072
4 courses163248648096
5 courses20406080100120
6 courses24487296120144
Please Note: Maximum wall height not to exceed 2' (610mm). This chart is based on site conditions which include a level grade, granular soil and no surcharge.