Regal Stone® Wall

Regal Stone® Wall - Tri-plane

Regal Stone's traditional sculptured tri-plane face adds visual appeal to any project through its use of depth and shadow.

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Unit Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
6" 16" 12" 68 lbs
152mm 406mm 305mm 31 kg

Uit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.


Use this chart to estimate the number of Regal Stone® Wall - Tri-plane units you will need.

WALL LENGTH (measured at wall face including curves)
WALL HEIGHT*6' (1.8m)12' (3.7m)18' (5.5m)24' (7.3m)30' (9.1m)36' (11m)
1 course5914182327
2 courses101828364654
3 courses152742546981
4 courses2036567292108
5 courses25457090115135
6 courses305484104138162
Please Note: Maximum wall height not to exceed 3' (0.9m). This chart is based on site conditions which include a level grade, granular soil and no surcharge.