Design Aids

Key Estimator™ Spreadsheet

The KeyEstimator spreadsheet (MS Excel) allows the user to quickly estimate the square feet of wall and caps, soil reinforcement, draining fill, reinforced fill and base leveling pad material that you would need to build a wall.

To receive your copy of the KeyEstimator Tool, click here to be connected to a form where you can request access.

NOTE: The KeyEstimator Tool from Keystone is not intended to perform engineering design or analysis functions as those tasks are beyond the scope of a simple spreadsheet. Please refer to the Keystone Design Manual and KeyWallPRO Design Software for the more rigorous considerations of retaining wall design. The responsibility for good engineering judgment, architectural considerations, and construction experience is the responsibility of professionals specializing in such work. Keystone accepts no responsibility for the improper use of this spreadsheet.


KeyWallPRO® Design Software

The KeyWallPRO Design Software allows the user to design or analyze gravity wall and soil reinforced wall sections for all Keystone structural units and most common soil reinforcement materials. KeyWallPRO provides a number of different design methods from ASD/FS to LRFD for the designer to consider. The current version includes:

  • 2010 and 2015 AASHTO LRFD design methodology
  • NCMA 3rd Edition and Rankine design methodologies
  • Australia AS 4678


• KeyWallPRO is intended for use by design professionals. Click here for more information.

• KeyWallPRO Design Software operates in a demo mode for one week. The printing and saving file functions are not enabled during this time. To enable full function, the user is required to purchase and register the product.

• Keystone reserves the right to terminate the use of software and refund the purchase price at the sole discretion of Keystone for business reasons at any time.

• Please contact Keystone for any additional data required.