Keystone Pins

Keystone interlocking pin system maximizes design options, improves the installation process and increases the structural integrity of retaining walls. Allowing for a near vertical or setback installation, Keystone interlocking pins not only save time by taking the question out of proper block  placement, they also improve interaction with geosynthetic textiles. Keystone pins are virtually weatherproof, helping the wall to withstand weather challenges.

Straight Pins

Height Width Length Weight
n/a ½" 5¼" n/a
n/a 13mm 133mm n/a

Shouldered Pins

Height Width Length Weight
n/a ½" 3¾" n/a
n/a 13mm 95mm n/a

Additional Measurements:
Shoulder Length: ⅞" - Shoulder Diam: ¾"

Alignment Pin

Height Width Length Weight
n/a n/a 2⅜" n/a
n/a n/a 60mm n/a

Note: for use in gravity walls (without geogrid reinforcement) only.

Additional Measurements:
Shoulder Length: 1"(25mm)

Steel Pins

Height Width Length Weight
n/a 9/16" 8" n/a
n/a 2mm 203mm n/a