Keystone Garden Wall®

Keystone Garden Wall® - JAWS Split

Crisp and distinctive, Keystone Garden Wall's natural split utilizes Keystone's JAWS Technology® and effectively showcases the color within each unit; creating projects that leave a lasting impression.



Unit Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
4" 12" 9" 29 lbs
102mm 305mm 229mm 13 kg

Unit color, dimensions, weight & availability varies by manufacturer.


Use this chart to estimate the number of Keystone Garden Wall® - JAWS Split units you will need.

WALL LENGTH (measured at wall face including curves)
WALL HEIGHT*5' (1.5m)10' (3.0m)15' (4.6m)20' (6.1m)30' (9.1m)
1 course510152030
2 courses1020304060
3 courses1530456090
4 courses20406080120
5 courses255075100150
6 courses306090120180
*Please Note: Maximum wall height not to exceed 2' (60cm). This chart is based on site conditions which include a level grade, granular soil and no surcharge.