2021 Photo Contest

Our 2021 Hardscapes Project Photo Contest is open for submissions now through July 31st. This year, you can enter your projects
through our online portal!

Have multiple projects? Make sure to submit a new entry form for each project you wish to enter. Projects must feature either Keystone Walls, Keystone Hardscapes or Flagstone Pavers products. Winners will get cash prizes and all project photography entered will receive publicity and exposure on a national level. From catalogs, to trade shows, to websites, calendars and trade journal feature articles, we want to showcase you and your projects to help generate visibility and new business.

PRIZES (issued in Visa gift cards)


Note: *Cash prizes will be awarded via a visa gift card.


Photo Release:
Upon submission, I/We, hereby grant The Quikrete Companies exclusive rights to publish and reproduce these images as Keystone/Quikrete sees fit. I/We waive the rights to said images and any input on how the photos are used. I/We understand that The Quikrete Companies is free to distribute, publish, and reproduce the images associated with the submitted project without notice.